Lithuanian Mathematical Society was founded 1962 at the section of Physics, Technical Sciences and Mathematics of Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.

Lithuanian Mathematical Society stimulated the mathematical activities in Lithuania. The conferences of mathematics were organized, the „Lithuanian Mathematical Journal“ founded. It has very great impact on the development of mathematical life in the country.

The development of mathematical activities in Lithuania can be described as a chain reaction which reached great intensity in the last four decades. The system of education and research in mathematics was created: the olympiads of young mathematicians, the correspondence school of mathematics, doctoral studies. The new textbooks in mathematics for secondary schools and universities were written. In 1983 the Museum of Lithuanian Mathematicians was founded.

Many international conferences in mathematics were organized in the country. Lithuanian Mathematical Society is the member-founder of European Mathematical Society since 1989, the member of International Mathematical Union since 1995.


Artūras Štikonas

Elected President of the Lithuanian Mathematical Society at the LMS Congress in  June 16, 2021.

Professor, Chief Researcher, VU Institute of Applied Mathematics.


Homepage: Stikonas

Former Presidents:

2014–2021 Remigijus Leipus

2010–2014 Eugenijus Manstavičius

1962–2010 Jonas Kubilius