Tarptautinis Matematikų Kongresas ICM 2022 (2022 liepos 6-14d.) vyks nuotoliniu būdu, tai sudaro galimybę dalyvauti visiems matematikams.

Dear colleagues,

Due to the war in Ukraine, the IMU was forced to move the ICM to a fully virtual format, see Circular Letter 9/2022.  The schedule of ICM 2022 will follow the CEST time zone, and will, due to the very limited time and resources available, be kept to the bare essentials. Participation at  the virtual ICM will be free of charge to everyone, and only require registration. We are in the process of setting up the platform for the virtual ICM. Talks will either be given live or prerecorded, and the possibility for feedback will unfortunately be limited. Further information will be made available on icm2022.org as and when there are updates.

The IMU has been encouraging grassroots efforts to supplement the core program with additional satellite activities taking place during the virtual ICM, in addition to the traditional satellite conferences taking place either before or after the ICM.  These activities have been coordinated by the ICM Satellite Coordination Group, kindly chaired by A. Borodin, M. Hairer, and T. Tao. This has led to a number of initiatives, a list of which is being maintained at the website


Three different kinds of event are listed:

Overlay satellite events 

These are events allowing ICM speakers (sectional, special, or plenary) to give their talks in front of a live audience and to either upload the recorded lecture to the ICM platform or to stream it live to the platform.

Virtual events

These are additional events taking place online, but outside the IMU’s official ICM platform.

– A Discord server has been set up at https://discord.gg/T72dTkfSzF/  to discuss the ICM lectures as they are bein g given. We encourage all speakers to join this server to interact with the audience in a more direct and extensive way than what

is possible through the official platform.

– The Short Communications Satellite aims to replace the usual short communications program of the ICM. This is an independent effort and is completely independent of the official ICM proceedings. Registration is now open at


Traditional satellite events

This section lists some further traditional satellite events.

Please help distribute this information in your community.

We are very grateful to all our colleagues who are helping to make the virtual ICM a success.


Helge Holden