2024 m.  kovo 25d. 17.00 val. 102 (J. Kubiliaus) auditorijoje vyks Lietuvos matematikų draugijos seminaras.


Panešėjas: Daniele Ettore Otera  (VU DMSTI)

Diskretinės grupės ir asimptotinė topologija (Discrete groups and asymptotic topology) 

I will present some research in the area of the Asymptotic Topology of Discrete Groups. I will start by defining the main notions of the Geometric Group Theory and then I will give a panoramic view of some topological tameness conditions at infinity for groups and manifolds, together with their interrelationships. These topological tameness conditions help the understanding of the behaviour at infinity of discrete finitely presented groups (i.e. of universal covers of compact spaces with a given fundamental group).

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