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LMD valdyba pritarė pareiškimui dėl Tarptautinio Matematikų Kongreso (ICM) Sankt Peterburge  ir karinės Rusijos agresijos.
Pareiškimas išsiųstas IMU (International Mathematical Union) ir  EMS (European Mathematical Society)

Position of Lithuanian Mathematical Society
regarding the ICM 2022 and military Russian aggression (2022-02-24)

Information about the International Congress of Mathematicians in Saint Petersburg, Russia, 6–14 July 2022 and invitation to express the solidarity of the national mathematical societies were presented at the meeting of the Board of the Lithuanian Mathematical Society. Board members were briefed on the appeal of Ukrainian mathematicians due to the boycott of this event. Opinions were expressed.

On February 24, the Russian Federation attacked the sovereign republic of Ukraine. This fundamentally changes the situation. We condemn this military aggression and support the people of Ukraine.

In this connection, the Lithuanian Mathematical Society would like to express the opinion that the circumstances of the armed conflict cast doubt on Russia as hosts of the congress, and shares the view of other mathematical societies to cancel this congress.

Artūras Štikonas
(President of Lithuanian Mathematical Society)

Decision of the Executive Committee of the IMU   on the upcoming ICM 2022 and IMU General Assembly (2022-02-26)


The Executive Committee of the IMU wants to state the following:

  1. The IMU General Assembly and the ICM will be conducted without any financial contribution from the Russian Government.
  2.  No official or representative of the Russian Government will be part of the organization or activities of the ICM.
  3.  All mathematicians are welcome to participate in the activities of the ICM.
  4.  ICM satellite conferences are and have always been outside the purview of the IMU.

More statements from international and  national math societies

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